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The American aircraft manufacturer McDonnell Douglas developed at the end of the 60s, a three-engines widebody aircraft with the name DC 10th. This aircraft was still standing until 2014 in passenger service. The last passenger flight took Biman Bangladesh in 2014, so that the DC-10 stood since its commissioning in 1971 more than 40 years of service. Even today, many of the 446 built Maschienen a majority still in use in cargo airlines and the military (FEDEX, USAF, etc.).

In the 80s, then McDonnell Douglas began with the development of a successor to the DC-10. This test basis winglets were mounted on a DC-10. After a successful test, then began McDonnell Douglas with the development of the MD-11, which should be equipped with an at that time highly modern two-man cockpit. December 30 / 1986 after the receipt of 52 firm orders and 40 options, finally launched McDonnell Douglas MD-11 program.

Among the first customers belonged Finnair, which took its first MD-11 in reception in January 1990. As a secondary user (Delta Airlines) and third studies (Swissair) both took in 2001 their MD-11's their MD-11's in reception.

Unfortunately, the promised benefits in the first few years were not achieved, which resulted in the number of customers their orders canceled. Despite subsequent improvements, the MD-11 program was no longer in service and were ultimately only 200 of the envisaged 300 built machines delivered. After the merger with Boeing MD-11 production was finally set upon delivery of the last two examplars built at Lufthansa Cargo in 2001.

The KLM was the all last airline, that had the MD-11 to 26. October 2014 in flight operation, and all their airfraft were sold to a Scrapyard in Victorville and Mojave, USA. Unfortunately it was not possible to preserve a original of KLM and Martinair and is therefore a big loss for every MD-11 fan.


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