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The recorded himself movies about the MD-11 is the great memory moments for aviation fans!

This film is of a Farewell-Flight with very last passenger aircraft MD-11 of nederlands KLM.
On November 11, 2014 three flights was organized, my husband and I were on the 3rd very last flight and was an unforgettable experience !!

Fasten your seatbelt and take-off . . .

Part 1      
In the airport Amsterdam / Pamorama Terrace - MD-11 on 1st & 2nd farewell flight / Let's go to MD-11 / Boarding and in the plane / Ready for take-off / on the flight...

Part 2      
Approach / Very last landing with passenger plane MD-11 in Amsterdam / Honor round around the Schiphol Airport / Firebridge Salut (shower) / Goodbye "Florence Nightingale" / Beautiful evening shots of "Maria Montessorri" / Goodbye - wishes from MD-11 Fans / Goodbye MD-11 / End of Pax-MD-11 history /

MD-11 lives on in our hearts further - we miss the nicest aircraft forever !


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