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  ! !  The asscciation / Club "Project MD-11" is founded and now

NEW under www.projekt-md11.de and www.project-md11.com ! !


—  Warm welcome to us  —

This site was the beginning of the project MD-11, to a save a MD-11 from KLM and Martinair Cargo. With our project team, we have founded a club and have changed to the new website. We reserve this page for the memories about the MD-11 in photos and in web video. MD-11 lives in our hearts and stay unforgettable! !

This is still just the beginning, and because a lot of preliminary work in the club "Project MD-11" and the movie editing takes a long time.

Visit us later!

We appreciate your Support item for share our project, whether Facebook or website and are looking forward to your feedback!


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